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Protegé Voice

ProtegéVoice is designed exclusively for use with the Protegé telephone  system. Improve your communications...let Protegé and ProtegéVoice provide  powerful call and voice processing capabilities for your business.

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Why Not Let ProtegéVoice Do All The Work?

This easy-to-use voice mail is a real workaholic. It processes calls  quickly and simply, because it's made for the Protegé telephone system.  With ProtegéVoice on staff, everyone will be more productive and  efficient. It's on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help  control costs and improve communications.

Hard-Working Capabilities
ProtegéVoice can increase your  productivity and efficiency by allowing you to screen calls and by  offering other time-saving features to enhance usage.

  • Answering Machine Emulation
  • Auto Scan Message Envelope Information
  • Call Screening
  • Direct Mailbox Access
  • Expert Mode
  • First Time User Tutorial
  • Intercom Paging
  • Multi-Point Mailbox Access

Decrease your operating costs by letting ProtegéVoice manage calls  while cutting workload and minimizing overhead.

  • Dial-by-Name
  • Trunk-Specific Greetings
  • UCD Auto Attendant Overflow
  • Reporting Capabilities
  • Answer and Route Incoming Calls
  • Record and Store Messages

ProtegéVoice has smart features that keep you in touch with your  customers and enhance your level of service.

  • Intercom Paging
  • Caller-Controlled Queue
  • General Delivery Mailbox
  • Question and Answer Mailbox
  • Temporary Greetings
  • Multi-Level Voice Menus
  • Live Operator Backup
  • Voice Menu Greetings

Now, you can be two places at once. These features are so flexible,  important information can reach you whether you're at work, at home or on  the golf course.

  • Intercom Paging
  • Outcalling
  • Multi-Site Message Forwarding

Send a message to everyone at once - or just a select few. ProtegéVoice  delivers information more quickly than by sending handwritten notes or  memos. These and other features work hard to improve in-house as well as  external communications:

  • Broadcast Announcements
  • Audio Text Response
  • Mailbox Linking
  • Guest Mailboxes
  • Group Distribution Lists
  • Auto Conversation Record
  • Delivery Options
  • Flexible Message Options
  • Multi-Site Message Forwarding
  • Multi-Extension Mailbox Access
  • Question and Answer Mailboxes
  • Check Delivery Options
  • Outcalling

Whether you choose the SVP-4 or SVP-12 ProtegéVoice unit, you'll enjoy fast,  Protegé-compatible voice processing. Both units offer a long list of  communication enhancing features:

Automated Attendant
This attendant is always on the job to  handle calls, while still offering live operator assistance when needed.

  • Answer & Route Calls - Gives callers efficient, self-service  access directly to the department or person they're seeking.
  • Call Screening - Asks caller's name so the person being called can  choose to accept the call or send it to voicemail.
  • Dial-by-Name - Callers can find an unknown extension by accessing  the company directory.
  • Holiday Schedule - Allows you to program and record a virtually  unlimited number of date-specific greetings at any time.
  • Multi-Level Voice Menus - Easily connects callers to a person,  department, mailbox or another menu by offering simple, voice-prompted  options.
  • Operator Backup - Callers can dial '0' at any time to reach an  operator or designated alternate operator.
  • Rotary Phone Support - Directs callers using rotary phones to a live  operator.
  • Single-Digit Transfers - Lets callers choose voice menu options with  the press of just one button.
  • Time-Sensitive Custom Greetings - Record separate greetings for a  nearly limitless number of tenants or departments and specify different  prompts to play at specific times of day.
  • Caller-Controlled Queue - Gives callers options while holding in UCD  queues. Callers can choose to continue to hold, to be transferred to a  mailbox or to dial another destination and exit the queue without having  to hang up and redial.
  • UCD Overflow Announcements - Delivers announcements to callers that  are holding in queue.
  • Flexible Operator Access - Callers can dial '0' and be directed to a  variety of destinations.
  • Intercom Paging - Minimizes phone tag by paging to alert users of  incoming calls before the calls are transferred to extensions or voice  mail.
  • Caller-Specific Greetings - Plays custom greetings and provides  unique voice-menu options based on the trunk or direct inward dial  number from which the call is received.

System  Administration
Your designated System Administrator is sure to  appreciate these system management features:

  • Automatic Message Erase - Erases from all mailboxes messages that  have been stored for a predetermined amount of time.
  • Automatic Message Erase Notice - Alerts individuals that a message  will be erased within a certain number of days.
  • Automatic Routine Maintenance - Runs routine disk cleanup to ensure  peak daily performance.
  • Broadcast Announcements - Sends a message to everyone on your  system. It plays when individuals access their mailbox.
  • Multiple System Operating Modes - Allows you to change greetings and  voice menu options, depending on the time of day or week a call is  received.
  • Flexible Numbering Plan - Accommodates Protegé extension-numbering  scheme flexibility.
  • Mailbox Administration - Enables you to add or delete mailboxes,  define mailbox type, reset passwords, record greetings, reset  message-waiting indication, perform system shutdown, define class of  service and establish names of mailbox users for the company directory.
  • Multiple Class of Service - Allows administrators to define mailbox  characteristics by permitting access only to specified features.
  • Mailbox Linking - Messages left in one mailbox can be automatically  copied and left in others.
  • Remote Maintenance - Allows for administration of the voice mail  system from a remote location.
  • System and Personal Mailbox Reports - Help the System Administrator  analyze and monitor usage for peak efficiency.
  • System Date & Time - Can be adjusted from any location via tone  phone.
  • System Group Distribution Lists - Allows users to send the same  message to multiple mailboxes at one time.
  • Voice Menu Greetings - Allows you to record flexible greetings for  Automated Attendant and call routing applications.
  • Voice Menu Override Greeting - Records a temporary Voice Menu  Greeting, such as a snow day announcement or an emergency closing.
  • Record Company Name - Allows you to identify the company to callers  and outcall recipients.


Mailbox Management
Get important messages regardless of your  location and collect or distribute information in a variety of ways.  ProtegéVoice will give users more control and flexibility over their  communication options.

  • After-Hours Mailbox - A destination for messages left after-hours  that are not directed to a specific mailbox.
  • Audio Text Response - Gives callers prerecorded information such as  hours of operation, product information or directions, etc.
  • Direct Mailbox Access - Programming that allows users to access  their mailbox with the push of a single button on their Protegé keyset.
  • First Time User Tutorial - Prompts new users through first-time  mailbox setup.
  • General Delivery Mailbox - Allows callers to leave a general message  for the company rather than for a specific person.
  • Guest Mailboxes - Allows you to more easily keep in contact with  people outside of your company.
  • Multi-Point Mailbox Access - Allows users to access messages from  various on- or off-premise locations.
  • Multi-Extension Mailbox - Provides direct mailbox access from  multiple Protegé extensions.
  • Personal Greeting - Allows you to customize greetings for each  mailbox.
  • Personal Group Distribution Lists - Allows you to automatically  deliver the same message to a personally defined list of mailbox owners.
  • Personal Password Protection - Protects access to your mailbox via a  user-defined password.
  • Question & Answer Mailboxes - Will question and receive replies  from callers to assist you in gathering helpful information.
  • Recorded User Name - Records name for use with various system  features such as Dial-by-Name.
  • Secretary Mailbox Access - Allows someone you designate to access  only the descriptive "envelope information" of your messages  while protecting their contents for your personal review.
  • System Administrator Mailboxes - Allows access to special features  such as resetting passwords, managing group lists, adding and deleting  mailboxes, etc.
  • Temporary Greeting - Replaces Personal Greeting when an alternative  mailbox greeting is desired.

Message  Processing
The maximum-level integration between the Protegé system  and ProtegéVoice delivers quick and flexible message processing.

  • Answering Machine Emulation - Allows you to listen to messages as  they're recorded and choose to interrupt and connect with the caller at  any time.
  • Auto Conversation Record - Gives you the option to record a  conversation into your personal mailbox.
  • Expert Mode - Allows users to quickly manage the review of their  messages.
  • Auto Scan Message Envelope Information - Search for messages without  listening to all the details by scanning descriptive  "envelope" information.
  • Call Transfer Options - Users can select whether their incoming  calls are transferred to their extension or directly to voice mail.
  • Check Delivery Options - Request Proof of Delivery, Receipt  Confirmation or Undelivered Message Notification.
  • Delivery Options - Choose Normal, Priority, Confidential, Cancel or  Specified Delivery Time for any message.
  • Flexible Message Retrieval Order - Can deliver messages in a  first-in-first-out or last-in-first-out order.
  • Mass Auto Delete - Deletes all messages in a mailbox at once.
  • Message Options - Multiple options for managing messages, including:  Copy With Comments, Copy Without Comments, Envelope Information, Erase,  Retrieve, Save and Send.
  • Message Playback Control - Select these options during the playback  of any message: Skip, Fast Forward, Rewind, Replay, Pause and Cancel.
  • Message Waiting Lamp Indication - Can alert you to messages awaiting  review.
  • Message Reminder - For extensions without message-waiting lamps -  users can receive calls periodically to inform them of waiting messages.
  • Multiple Destination Messaging - Directs new messages or personal  replies to multiple mailboxes.
  • Multi-Site Message Forwarding - Send and receive messages from your  unit to colleagues at other locations that have a ProtegéVoice unit.
  • Outcalling - Notifies you of waiting messages by calling a user  defined phone number on- or off-premises, e.g., home, pager, mobile  phone, etc.
  • Quick Message - Allows callers to bypass the company greeting and  directly access a mailbox to record their message.
  • Summary Count of Messages Awaiting Review - Announces the number of  new and saved messages when you access your mailbox.

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