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"The Business  Solution with Vision"

The phone system you choose today has to carry you  into tomorrow, so the Protege Digital Hybrid Key System comes equipped  with features for the future. A proven performer, Protegé provides  powerful communications technology for any small to large-sized business.  By using 2B+D technology, this telephone system uses voice and data  simultaneously to propel users to new levels of productivity, efficiency,  flexibility, and profitability. The Protegé system enhances business  communication capabilities by providing:

  • Fully digital technology for crystal clear  communication
  • Flexibility to meet different telecommunication  requirements and changing business needs
  • Powerful features that enhance productivity  through advanced call handling capabilities
  • Advanced outbound call control to minimize cost  and maximize profitability
  • Reliable and easy-to-use equipment

In  addition, Protegé has the ability to combine the best of technology to do  more, faster! Through Computer Telephony Integration (CTI),  Protegé can link phones to computers, put communications on networks, and  bring Caller ID to every desktop.

The Protegé family includes three cabinet sizes to  meet your needs: MTX and LTX for mid-to-large sized businesses, and for  small businesses, the CTX is a small system with big system features.  Protegé is designed to give you maximum flexibility within each cabinet,  and it's easy and economical to expand, because each system converts to  the next to meet your telecommunications needs tomorrow.

The Protegé CTX system accommodates 6  analog trunk-lines and as many as 16 Protegé digital keysets. An optional  2x8 expansion card increases the CTX system capacity to 8 lines and 24  digital stations.

The Protegé MTX accommodates as many as 96  ports and the Protegé LTX accommodates a maximum of 144  ports. Through modular design and universal card slot architecture, the  MTX and LTX cabinets provide tremendous configuration flexibility for a  broad range of customer requirements and support almost any configuration  of analog trunks and digital extensions.

Protegé's unique features save you time and money:

  • Answering Machine Emulation lets you screen  calls that are forwarded to voice mail; with a touch of a button, you  can pick up that call you've been waiting for or let it go to voice  mail.
  • Directory Dialing makes dialing easy. Just  enter a name on the keypad, then dial with a single keystroke.
  • A Headset Jack on all phones gives the no-hands  freedom of a speakerphone with the privacy of a headset.
  • The Simultaneous Call option lets executive  keysets and executive data keysets make or receive an intercom call on  the speakerphone while busy with another call on the handset.

Protegé enhances profits:

  • Least Cost Routing helps minimize long distance  charges.
  • Call Records help you manage the cost of  business communications.
  • Modem Pooling allows employees to share fax  machines and modems, so you save hardware costs.
  • The Built-in Battery Backup Capability helps  safeguard your business against power failures.
  • Call Management streamlines call centers so you  can handle more customers more efficiently with Agent Wrap-Up,  Supervisor Monitor, Supervisor Controlled Routing, and Agent Help.

Protegé makes you more flexible and productive:

  • Easy-to-read telephone displays make operation  simple.
  • The Automated Attendant routes calls quickly  and efficiently.
  • Call Forwarding gives your employees mobility  when you need it.
  • Voice Mail Integration lets you add voice mail  when you're ready.

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